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Three graduates selected for SCHMUCK 2022

Nikita Kavryzhkin: VOID #1 | Necklace | Basalt, onyx, rubber, steel | 2021 | Image Credit Klimt02

Jewellery by Nikita Kavryzhkin (MFA 2021), Edu Tarin (MFA 2015) and Patricia Domingues (MA 2013) were selected for the prestigious jewellery show in Munich

Since 1959, contemporary positions by jewellery artists of all ages and degrees of recognition have been selected by changing renowned jewellers for this special jewellery show at the International Craft Fair in Munich. An international jury also honours an outstanding work with the Herbert Hofmann Prize. From 670 applications for 2022, Helen Britton selected works by 63 participants for the exhibition, including three of our graduates whose works will be on show in Munich from 6 to 10 July:

Nikita Kavryzhkin (MFA 2021): Void - necklace and ear jewellery | basalt, onyx, cacholong, dyed agate, rubber band, steel | 2019

Edu Tarin (MFA 2015): GOC2 - necklace and object | turquoise, agate, hematite, aluminium, nylon | 2018

Patricia Domingues (MA 2013): Inhabited Space - Pendant | Reconstructed Aluminium | 2019


© Nikita Kavryzhkin
© Edu Tarin
© Patricia Domingues
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