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Catch 22 at Intergem 2022

Our graduate group Catch 22 show their works during the Idar-Oberstein trade fair for jewellery and gemstones Intergem 2022 from September 23 - 25.

"The result of the 2-year Covid madness is an extremely strong generation of jewellery artists who have developed muscles now standing tall and presenting a range of beautiful, meaningful and wearable contemporary jewellery, showing us not a way around it - but straight through... A great catch in ‘22!" Theo Smeets, Head of the Department of Gemstones and Jewellery

Participating graduates (2021/2022):

Tamia Dellinger M.F.A., Susie Heuberger B.F.A., Mana Jahangard M.F.A., Zekun Jin B.F.A., Nikita Kavryzhkin M.F.A., Biljana Klekachkoska M.F.A., Olga Krysanova B.F.A., Nga Ching Ko M.F.A., Zhixuan Liang M.F.A., Sihui Li B.F.A., Luisa Werner B.F.A., Oscar Wippermann M.F.A.

© Luisa Werner (BFA), Photo: Martín Carreño
© Susie Heuberger (BFA)
© Nikita Kavryzhkin
© Biljana Klekachkoska (MFA), Photo: Nima Ashrafi
@ Mana Jahangard (MFA), Photo: Nima Ashrafi
© Zekun Jin (BFA)
© Nga Ching Ko (MFA)
© Tamia Dellinger (MFA)
© Zhixuan Liang (MFA)
© Sihui Li (BFA)
© Oscar Wippermann (MFA), Photo: Constanza Salinas
© Olga Krysanova (BFA)
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