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BOYS BOYS BOYS exhibition at Galerie Door

With "Boys Boys Boys", Galerie Door and the participating artists are encouraging all visitors and interested parties - especially men - to wear (more) art jewellery. "Boys", don't be shy and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of wearable art objects. A total of 12 alumni and students from the Idar-Oberstein campus will be showing their work.

The many different works of art in this group exhibition relate to the theme of "boys". 
This reference can sometimes be seen literally in the type of jewellery, such as cufflinks, ties or lapel pins.
Other pieces of jewellery in the exhibition question the gender aspect, on the one hand the tough, masculine on the other hand with a vulnerable, feminine story, or vice versa.

Participating artists (graduates IO in fatt):
Violeta Adomaityte, Vanessa Arthur, Volker Atrops, Doris Betz, Silvia Bellia (MFA), Klara Brynge, Ildikó Dánfalvi, Tatjana Giorgadse (Dipl), Elena Gorbunova (MFA), Hartog & Henneman, Mielle Harvey, Maria Hees, Idiots (Afke Golsteijn, Floris Bakker), Taehee In (Dipl), Typhaine Le Monnier (MFA), Dot Melanin (MFA), Felicia Mülbaier (MFA), Jiun You Ou (MFA), Darja Popolitova, Annora Poppe (BFA), Uwe Poth, Sarah Powell, Philip Sajet, Moniek Schrijer, Elwy Schutten, Danni Schwaag (Dipl), Coco Sung, Caroline Thomas, Robean Visschers, Kun Zhang (MFA).

Gallery Door:
Versantvoortstraat 1
5464 TL Mariaheide
The Netherlands

Opening hours:
Thursday 6 - 8 pm
Friday and Saturday 12 - 18 o'clock
and by appointment 

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