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Graduate Jiun-You Ou honoured with the Grassi Prize 2023 of the Carl and Anneliese Goerdeler Foundation

The €3,000 prize goes to the artist Jiun-You Ou (MFA 2018), who comes from Taiwan and lives in Vienna, for her works in inkstone.

"The ongoing project "Yàn" started with two pieces of ink stone that I used for my calligraphy lessons as a child. Although calligraphy is still an important tradition in the Sinosphere, we hardly practise it in daily life nowadays. In the beginning, I only cut, carved and faceted the inkstone intuitively and tried to work with it experimentally. Gradually, subtle outlines emerged that in some ways also resembled the structure and texture of calligraphy characters. The deconstructed functionality and interpreted materiality of the inkstone encountered the materiality of the calligraphy, which influenced each other in the working process. As a result, the inkstone becomes a piece of jewellery that also becomes a carrier. What it carries is no longer water or ink, but interwoven memories, traditions and identities." -  Jiun-You Ou

 Jiun-You Ou (MFA 2018)

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