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POTATO graduate group at Inhorgenta 2024

Arbeit von Helena Renner

The Potato collective consists of 6 graduates of the gemstone and jewellery course from Idar-Oberstein. Pieces from each member's graduation collection will be on display at Inhorgenta, from 16 to 19 February 2024 at stand B2.457.

There is a quiet elegance in the humble nature of the potato. Our group aims to explore the extraordinary in the ordinary and reveal the unexpected charm in our projects. The simple name Potato has a profound meaning for us, reflecting the multi-layered nature of our group. The potato, which is constantly transformed through different preparation methods and ingredients, represents the understanding of our concept of jewellery. Just as the potato passes through many hands on its way from sowing to harvest, from the field to the plate, many minds in our collective work on the rich questions and themes that we combine to create a varied jewellery menu. The name Potato invites a playful interpretation and symbolises the evolving viewpoints within our collective. Each member brings a unique perspective, creating a dynamic and intriguing discourse. This playfulness extends to our approach, ensuring that our projects are not only informative but also engaging. Potato arouses curiosity and raises questions.

Potato consists of a Chinese adventurer, open to many mediums and materials, exploring the theme of 'divination' to connect with her true self in the midst of life's uncertainties by experimenting with jewellery. A Ghanaian wanderer with high imagination who seeks to establish a relationship between jewellery and emotional rehabilitation. A thoughtful but fun-loving German jewellery designer who questions and seeks to change society's beauty norms by working from her own experiences in the tension between real physical appearance, individual desires, perceived societal norms and social recognition. A well-organised Dutch artist whose obsession with beads and found objects drives him into the depths of his creative mind to take the admirers of his stunning pieces on an unforgettable journey. An Austrian shadow lover who playfully creates stunning light shadows by combining conventional and unconventional materials that evoke geometric and architectural shapes in unexpected ways. And last but not least, an Irish artist who creates narratives of cultural identity and society in her jewellery that resonate with themes of self-discovery and emotional connection.

Join us as we discover exciting new flavours and explore the fascinating dimensions of our work.

We are POTATO!

Travelling with us: Bill Abu-Sakyi (MFA) from Ghana, Julija Dobrojezzeva (MFA) from Ireland, Erik Lijzenga (MFA) from the Netherlands, Helena Renner (BFA) from Germany, Miriam Strake (BFA) from Austria and Ye Wang (MFA) from China. 

Arbeit von Bill Abu-Sakyi
Arbeit von Julija Dobrojezzeva
Arbeit von Ye Wang
Arbeit von Miriam Strake
Arbeit von Erik Lijzenga
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