Gemstones and Jewellery

Hold On - an exhibition with Qi Wang at Gallery Door

Objects and jewellery by Qi Wang (M.F.A. 2017) are on show from 22nd September to 17th November.

Perseverance and tactility play an important role in the work of both Qi Wang (M.F.A. 2017) and Inette van Wijck. Qi Wang (M.F.A. 2017) makes graphic and conceptual art pieces from stone; slate, rock crystal, hematite, pyrite. All stones, tough materials which nonetheless when they drop prove to be quite vulnerable. 

Gallery door shows you contemporary arts and jewellery of (inter)national artists and designers that excite. Some because of their directness, others through the original stories and yet others for the poetry and humor in the work. And all of them for their craftsmanship. Gallery door organizes exhibitions and events for artists to gain a broader audience, more publicity and the chance of finding a new ‘home’. They offer you – the audience – a window to a different world, a new door that opens…

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