student council

Board of Students

  • Dua Baig (minutes)
  • Jing Yi Ella Fu (v.r. finance, 2nd vice Küche)
  • Gülçe Kulac (event management)
  • Ana Rita Prehs Molina (vice kitchen, vice. event management)
  • Gina Nadine Müller (vice president)
  • Helena Renner (president, faculty council, finances)
  • Miriam Strake (3D printing, 2nd vice finances)
  • Ye Wang (kitchen, vice 3D print)
  • Jing Yi Ella Fu (vice finances)

The student council is the student self-administration and lobby of the students at our university. All students of our faculty are automatically members of the Council Gemstones and Jewellery. The Student Council is the elected representative of the students of the department. The members of the Student Council organise events and assist all students with questions and problems concerning their studies.

apartment search

For new students, the student council offers support in the search for accommodation in Idar-Oberstein.
Contact person is Natascha Frechen.


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