Cooperative Studies at Trier University of Applied Sciences - practice- and future-orientated

Since several years Cooperative Study Programmes (Duale Studiengänge) are becoming increasingly popular, both with university students as well as with companies.

These academic degree programmes combine high quality studies with vocational training (dual or school based) or with intensive in-company training. Hence the University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) is closely working together with cooperating partners such as companies, organisations and vocational schools. Interlocking phases at the university and phases in the cooperating company ideally prepare students for their career starts. In addition these study programmes offer companies the opportunity to secure highly motivated junior employees at an early stage.

At Trier University of Applied Sciences we offer a wide range of cooperative study programmes across different departments in the areas of Business Sciences, Engineering, Computer Sciences and Therapy Sciences. In the therapy-related courses of study we cooperate with vocational schools.

A close collaboration between the TUAS and its different partners involved in the area of the cooperative study programmes forms the basis for a practical-oriented academic education which takes the needs of the future job market into account.

Within the Bridge project, it is also possible to complete the practical training in companies in the Greater Region.

Study Service

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Three new cooperative study programmes will start in the winter semester 2024/25. Find out more now!

Informatik (dual)

Informationstechnik (dual)

Technische Gebäudeausrüstung und Versorgungstechnik (dual)


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