Solidarity with Ukraine

Current developments at Trier University of Applied Sciences due to the war in Ukraine.

We view the events and serious developments in Ukraine and neighboring countries with great concern and sadness. Our thoughts and sympathies are with those affected on the ground.

  • Let us especially stand together and be there for each other.
  • Let us especially respect and appreciate democracy and freedom as values.
  • Let us show solidarity with all those affected.

Support for Ukrainian students and scientists in the Trier region

Support for Ukrainian students

Students at Trier University who are experiencing financial hardship due to the war in Ukraine can apply for financial assistance from an emergency fund: through the Scholarship Foundation of Rhineland-Palatinate, the state provided funds to assist students at universities in Rhineland-Palatinate with financial hardships resulting from the war in Ukraine. Specifically, the following eligibility requirements exist:

- Enrollment at Trier University of Applied Sciences no later than the start of support

- non-German citizenship, especially Ukrainian citizenship

- Presentation of the emergency situation resulting directly from the war in Ukraine

- Presentation of the war-related needs (especially loss of other support, additional costs, especially for living, rent and support measures).

As a student with Ukrainian roots, you are presumably also affected by this. Support can be provided in the form of short-term scholarships or one-time payments.

In 2022, support payments could be made to needy students on two dates. In the first half of 2023, Ukraine funding has already been awarded to students at Trier University of Applied Sciences. Remaining funds are still available in 2023. If you are affected in this way by the war in Ukraine, you can apply again or for the first time for this support until 20.11.2023 under the mail address: landesstipendium(at) For this we need from you

• a letter of no more than 2 pages in which you describe your emergency situation and quantify the additional support needs that have arisen. If you have already received funding in 2022 or first half year 2023 and have continuing support needs, it is sufficient for you to concisely explain this to us.

• a completed scholarship application form. 

(Note: You may ignore the deadlines listed in the document, and the required Attachments 1 through 4 will be omitted; if proof of services rendered is not available from the Office of Examinations within the short deadline, it is dispensable and may be replaced with a sworn statement). If you have already received funds in 2022, this form is also dispensable. In this case, explain to us concisely and informally that your situation has not changed from 2022 or first half year 2023.

After November 20, 2023, we will inform you in a timely manner about the approval or non-approval of any assistance requested. It is possible that there will be further opportunities for support for those affected by the war in Ukraine later in the year. We will inform you about this separately in due course.

Financial support in need

If you are about to enroll at Trier University of Applied Sciences, have Ukrainian citizenship, and have fled Ukraine, you can contact the Studierendenwerk Trier to apply for a one-time payment of up to 300 euros in case of financial need. The contact details can be found at:

Contact details

Please also note the other support options offered by Studierendenwerk Trier, such as the bridging loan.

General programs for refugees and international students

Our DAAD programs Welcome and INTEGRA offer a variety of programs for refugees and international students at all locations of Trier University of Applied Sciences.

Welcome lives through student engagement. The program promotes an early and multi-layered integration of refugees and international students into campus life.

INTEGRA prepares eligible refugees and international students for university studies through language and specialized courses and accompanies them during their study careers with additional career-oriented offerings.

Weblink to the programs

Visiting student status for students from Ukrainian universities

For students from Ukrainian universities who have fled to the Trier region, Trier University of Applied Sciences offers the possibility of a visiting student plus. This visiting student status allows, in contrast to an entire study, to participate in lectures at Trier University of Applied Sciences and at the same time to continue an online study program at the home university. This status allows

  • the attendance of individual modules from the courses of study at Trier University of Applied Sciences,
  • access to the university's digital resources and library, and
  • contact with students at the university and participation in integration activities.

Registration for the summer semester of 2022 (starting on April 20, 2022) is now open.

Admission to regular studies at Trier University of Applied Sciences and the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld for the winter semester of 2022/23

Information about the study programs offered at Trier University of Applied Sciences and the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

Please note: Please note the deadlines for students from non-EU countries for the winter semester 2022/23: Information on application

Learning and testing opportunities on the way to Germany and a German university

The Society for Academic Study Preparation and Test Development (g.a.s.t.) - support Ukrainian refugees with different learning and testing offers on their way to Germany and to a German university:

  •     free assessment of German language skills with the onSET
  •     free assessment of study aptitude for undergraduate degree programs with TestAS
  •     Language certificate TestDaF as proof of German language skills for studying at a German university
  •     German courses of Deutsch-Uni Online to prepare for studying in Germany (level A1-C1, everyday language, technical language, professional language, exam preparation TestDaF)

Interested Ukrainian refugees can register here:

Offer of psychosocial counseling

You are welcome to use the offer of psychosocial counseling of the Studierendenwerk to talk about your situation. The graduate psychologists Iris Lorenz and Nicole Arendt are available to provide you with information or make a specific appointment.

Psychosocial counseling (PSB) in Trier and Birkenfeld

Support for Ukrainian scientists

Funding organizations and foundations offer scholarship programs for female refugee scientists. As a rule, a scientific host at a German university is required. Further information from the DAAD can be found at:

Further information from the DAAD

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