Study entry phase as a success factor

Establishment of counseling, qualification and peer-learning offers

The first year of study is ­characterized by a particularly high density of requirements. ­International students not only have to ­find ­their ­way in ­a new culture, but also in a new knowledge system. The ­introductory phase of studies is therefore of central importance and should be ­designed to be ­as conducive to learning as possible through offers tailored to the target group. The ­aim of this measure is therefore to ­develop an interlinked concept ­together with the International Office, the Central Student Advisory Service, ­as well as the officer for the study entry phase and the departments, which provides preparatory and study-accompanying courses and peer learning offers. These include:

  • Establishment of a mentor program in which ­students ­from higher semesters meet in small groups with foreign first-year students and informally provide tips and advice on learning strategies and methods.
  • Introduction of annual integration interviews with international second-semester students. In particular, students who have ­not yet achieved the required ECTS points at ­this point are proactively ­invited to­ the interview in order ­to discuss the possible causes in a personal meeting and to provide individual assistance. In ­addition to ensuring the success of their studies, the ­structured ­counseling interview is ­also intended to help international students become ­familiar with­ the various counseling and qualification services offered by HS Trier at a much earlier stage.­  
  • German as a foreign language: preparatory and study-accompanying ­language courses
  • English Writing Workshop: The goal of the writing workshop is to teach the fundamentals of academic work and writing. The following workshops are offered annually:
    • Formal basics: structure and outline of scientific papers
    • Methodological basics: scientific research and citation, finding topics, planning and organising scientific work
    • Psychological basics: dealing with time pressure and writer's block

Other factors for success


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