Social integration & engagement as a success factor

Successfully arriving at university, successfully arriving in society

After a successful start to their studies, new language acquisition and orientation at the university, it is particularly important for students along their "Student Journey" to also arrive in society and successfully gain a foothold in study and everyday life. In an exchange with schools from the region and in service-learning projects with regional institutions and NGOs, students can not only apply their academic knowledge in social, cultural and ecological fields, but also get involved socially. In this way, students gain important (inter)cultural competencies and valuable links are created that benefit not only students but also the local community.

As an international mini ambassador at school

The world grows together when our international students bring a piece of their life story into the classrooms. As learning mentors, the international ­students can ­impart their knowledge into the schools and at the same time establish ­valuable contacts with students, parents and teachers. At the same time, the international students use their resumes to promote an academic career and intercultural exchange.

Service learning projects

In addition to these school-based projects, further service-learning projects with NGOs are to be ­established. For this purpose, Trier University of Applied Sciences will become a member of corresponding networks, such as the university network ­Bildung durch Verantwortung e.V., an association of 45 ­universities, in order ­to ­strengthen the ­area of "Third ­Mission" and Service-Learning in the ­long term.

International Student Ideation Camps at Trier University of Applied Sciences

In addition, two international five-day "Student Ideation Camps" are planned at the HS Trier on the topic of "Social Entrepreneurship/Leadership". ­In terms of internationalization at home, these ­strengthen both the ­international and social entrepreneurial action competencies of the German and ­international students as well as the development of an ­international network in this area.



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Project staff


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