JOB TEP - a German-French virtual project

In this job-related language course, German students from the Umwelt-Campus and French students from the Institut Mines Télécom d'Albi-Carmaux acquired French and German language skills at the B1/B2 levels. The teachers of the courses, Mrs. Sens and Mrs. Auffret, had initiated the project in order to prepare students linguistically as well as interculturally for their stay abroad. To this end, the students were to be given the opportunity to work collaboratively with their French and German fellow students over a longer period of time, apply their language skills in real-life conversational situations, thus preparing them for the job search and everyday working life in French-speaking companies in our Greater Region.

The course was designed as a "blended learning" event with presence and online phases. The online phases took place both asynchronously, e.g. in the form of forum contributions, and in synchronous meetings. During the synchronous phases, the project was accompanied by so-called "facilitators" from the organization UNICollaboration, who assisted the students in overcoming communication difficulties. After a motivating introductory and familiarization phase, the students dealt with topics with a strong practical relevance, such as job prospects, job advertisements, job interviews and daily work life.

A special feature of the course was the diverse use of digital tools, which enabled the students to work collaboratively and also to express themselves creatively. Among others, the learning management OpenOLAT, the online pin board "padlet", as well as "" and the interactive presentation tool "mentimeter" were used. Finally, an evaluation via Google Forms was carried out.


Participants Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, Institut Mines Télécom d'Albi-Carmaux.
Duration Summer semester 2019
Funded by Erasmus

Project Management

Aloisia Sens
Aloisia Sens, Magister Artium
Beschäftigte FB Umweltwirtschaft/-recht


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Birkenfeld | Building 9916 | Room 37


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