Hochschule Trier International: At Home and Into the World

What is the project "Hochschule Trier International - At Home and Into the World"?

The project "Hochschule Trier International" is carried out within the framework of the  DAAD programme HAW.International, which promotes the internationalisation of universities of applied sciences. As one of 14 universities nationwide, Trier University of Applied Sciences will receive funding of almost 500,000 euros until September 2021.

Today, teaching, research and work would be inconceivable without cross-border cooperation. In this context, however, there are also many challenges and opportunities for universities which must be mastered: to position themselves internationally in the competition for bright minds, to cooperate with universities from all over the world in teaching and research and, of course, to prepare students for the international job market. The aim of the project is to develop an internationalisation strategy that is lived out at all levels - from students and lecturers to administrative and management staff - and thus to position Trier University of Applied Sciences in a sustainable and future-oriented way in an international context.

An overview of our offers:

Project manager

Kathrin Franzen
Kathrin Franzen
Projektmanagerin Hochschule Trier International


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