International University Marketing

Crossmedia marketing campaign

Another element of the project is a cross-media marketing campaign to increase international visibility, which includes the following elements:

  • Professional image film & short video clips
  • Poster series and social media campaign to increase outgoing mobility
  • English-language print brochure on the international profile of Trier University of Applied Sciences
  • English-language presentation material for university & departments for the initiation of cooperations
  • Relaunch of the "International" section of the website

At the internal university level, too, international commitment is to be increasingly validated and made visible. In order to promote collegial exchange and peer learning and thus to make the best possible use of the existing competences and international resources between the 3 campuses, a project database on international research, teaching and transfer projects as well as existing best practice support services, such as tutoring and mentoring programmes for international students, will be set up on the website. The new website will also provide students, faculty and staff with an opportunity to provide authentic insights into their stays abroad through vivid short experience reports.

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