How attractive is company law in the Greater Region for start-ups?

The promotion of cross-border cooperation, business start-ups and networking is a pillar of sustainable economic and social development. In particular, young entrepreneurs/startups with excellent business ideas often face major challenges, not only in economic but also in legal terms. Wrong decisions in this area can have costly consequences - considering that they even prevent from realizing the project. Considering this, the opportunities offered by networking in the Greater Region are significant.

This is where the international Virtual Exchange project steps in: Students in internationally mixed teams compare the legal framework conditions in the Greater Region for business start-ups. The exchange is complemented by a cross-border lecture series and an international virtual market, where large-region start-up companies present their start-up ideas. This allows students not only to network professionally, but also to work on concepts using real case studies and pitch to the start-ups.

Participants UW/UR at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, Belgium, France, Luxembourg
Duration April to June 2021

Project Management

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Nitschmann
Prof. Dr. Kathrin Nitschmann
Professorin FB Umweltwirtschaft/-recht - FR Umweltrecht


+49 6782 17-1823


Birkenfeld | Building 9912 | Room 117


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