Prints for Patricia Urquiola

The aim of the "Prints for Patricia Urquiola" project was to design textile prints that could be integrated into the works of the Spanish product designer, architect and interior designer Patricia Urquiola. The prints should not only be inspired by Urquiola, but actually be designed in such a way that they could be offered to the designer for a collection.

When working on the theme, it was particularly important to me to reflect Patricia Urquiola's three-dimensional way of working in the prints. To make this possible, while also capturing the many different methods and aspects of Urquiola's designs, I experimented a lot with craftsmanship. I used techniques such as string art, origami, and silk painting. Finally, in order to develop meaningful prints from these experiments, I digitized, processed, and partially reported the craft experiments.

The 10 resulting prints and fashion designs embody the joie de vivre, playfulness and femininity that, for me, Urquiola's work exudes.


MENTOR Dipl.-Des. Marlies Emmerich


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