The Fashion Design Department at the University of Applied Sciences Trier cooperates with numerous universities, cultural institutions and companies. As a result of this cooperation, students gain insight into the most diverse and relevant industrial, design and cultural areas, especially in project events. In this way, they acquire direct knowledge and skills that are application and science-oriented on current topics.

The Department of Fashion Design is a member of the following networks: DMI; Netzwerk Mode Textil - Interessenvertretung der kulturwissenschaftlichen Textil-, Kleider- und Modeforschung e. V., VDMD - Verband Deutscher Modedesigner e.V., Alumninetzwerk

Some cooperation projects:

 "Inspired by 100 Years of C&A"

100 years of fashion history of the clothing giant C&A were the impulse and source of ideas for this extraordinary project: "Inspired by 100 Years of C&A": was the theme of the design competition which the Draiflessen Collection, with the support of C&A, carried out together with students from the University of Applied Sciences Trier under the direction of Prof. Dirk Wolfes in the winter semester 2011/12. From April to June this year, the Draiflessen Collection presented the creative results of the young design competition in a special exhibition.

"ABC - Luxembourg for beginners... and advanced!"

Was the title of an exhibition at the Historical Museum of Luxembourg in 2012 for the students of the 2nd semester under the direction of Prof. Bettina Maiburg who took the flag of Luxembourg as a model for an aesthetically sophisticated robe in the course of a design competition. Eric Schieler, Brayonna Taylor and Jana-Lea Zimmat were the lucky winners of the competition. Their models not only impressed with their exciting interpretation and artistic implementation, but together they also represent a holistic picture of Luxembourg's national identity. The three winners each received prize money and presented their artistic creations to the flag of Luxembourg in the exhibition.

Workshop APOLDA

The workshop was part of the APOLDA EUROPEAN DESIGN AWARD, which is held every three years and is considered one of the most important references for talented designers in the fashion industry. During one week, students from selected European universities were given an insight into entrepreneurial practice. For this purpose, regional companies from textile companies around the Apolda region opened their workrooms and supported the creative new generation in implementing their ideas by using the technical possibilities. The impressive results of the students' fashion visions and creative designs were then presented in a fashion show.

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