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A campus in the middle of one of the most historic and enjoyable regions of Germany

The Fashion Design Department at Trier University of Applied Sciences is embedded in the Design Campus and is located in the former Dominican convent of St. Katharina at Irminenfreihof in the old town of Trier. The building is located directly on the Moselle River and is a few minutes walk to the main market square of Germany's oldest city. The city was built more than 2000 years ago and is a testimony of Roman civilization. Founded in 17 BC as Augusta Treverorum, Trier developed into a trade center in the second century AD and one of the largest cities of the Roman Empire in late antiquity. Nine of Trier's monuments alone are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. They thus belong to the heritage of humanity of exceptional universal value. These include the oldest bridge in Germany, the amphitheater, the world-famous Porta Nigra and Trier Cathedral. This monumental building is one of the oldest church buildings in the western world.

The almost Mediterranean climate of the Moselle Valley has historically made it one of the most famous wine-growing regions in Germany. Due to its proximity to France, Luxembourg and Belgium, one quickly recognizes the influence of neighboring regions on the culture and lifestyle of the region. The city of Trier has a population of about 110,000, of which about 20,000 are students of the university of applied sciences and the university. As a result, a lively student scene has developed over the decades in which the campus with its approximately 1000 creative minds is embedded and has a strong influence into the art and culture scene of the city.

The city and the surrounding area of Trier should not be missed during your studies. The inexpensive semi-annual semester fee makes this possible through the semester ticket without additional travel costs. Likewise, all public transportation in Luxembourg is free of charge. If you want to go a little further away, the airport of Luxembourg can be reached in about 35 minutes.

The Fashion Department

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