Does it cost anything to study at the University of Applied Sciences Trier?

The study of fashion design in Trier is free of charge. There is only a small semester fee to the Studierendenwerk for the canteen, public transport and some other activities that benefit the students. For example, Tue-Thu can be used to attend cultural events in the Trier Theatre, State Museum, etc. free of charge, or to eat very inexpensively in the refectory. Public transport is also free in the region and on some national routes.

The semester fee is levied on all public courses of study in Germany and is one of the lowest fees in Trier according to mode-studieren.de. It is generally significantly lower than the tuition fees of private schools. No additional fees are charged to students from EU countries for the first degree Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral studies.

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What is the difference between fashion design studies at the University of Applied Sciences Trier and fashion design studies at other universities?

The study is free of charge. The number of students per semester is small and there is a high degree of individual support. You can complete the Bachelor's degree and the Master's degree. The quality of the education has a very good reputation. Many of our graduates find lucrative jobs in the fashion industry, costume design or journalism. Trier has been training fashion designers since 1922 and this long experience has shaped the concept of the study programme with its clear orientation in both practical and theoretical aspects. All subjects relevant to the profession are taught intensively. From the 5th semester onwards, you can even take the journeyman's examination for the tailoring trade at the Chamber of Crafts in Trier. And you also have the opportunity to do your doctorate after successfully completing your Master's degree.

What is the difference between the fashion design department at the University of Applied Sciences Trier and private fashion schools?

Private fashion schools are subject to a fee for students. Private fashion schools are companies and, like any company, have to earn money. The University of Applied Sciences Trier is state-run and independent.

How do I apply?

It's easy, you can apply twice a year for the summer and winter semester. The best way to apply is to look on our website under Bachelor or Master, where everything is described in detail.

Do I have to be able to sew as a prerequisite for my studies?

No, you do not have to be able to sew perfectly, you will be taught step by step. Many even take the journeyman's tailor's examination at the Trier Chamber of Crafts after the 5th semester or after graduating from university.

As a prerequisite for my studies I need an internship, where do I do it best?

It is good if you do an internship in the field of handicraft or clothing technology.

How long does the course of study take?

The bachelor's programme lasts 7 semesters, the master's programme 3 semesters.

Why does the bachelor's programme take 7 semesters?

In the bachelor's programme, a semester abroad or an internship semester is usually planned in the 5th semester, you can also combine these.

How many students are there in one semester?

It varies and depends on the number of applications; on average there are a maximum of 20 and 25 students in one semester.

Can I spend a semester abroad?

Yes, in the 5th semester our students have the possibility to go abroad for a semester (or to do an internship in Germany or abroad). We work together with over 15 partner universities, for example, to name just a few: Paris, London, Birmingham, Lahti, Madrid, Bratislava or even Lisbon.
The semester is fully recognised with appropriate certificates. It is very important to us that our students gain experience outside the university.

How many lecturers are there in the fashion design department?

Currently there are 6 professorships (Creative Design Women's Clothing (DOB)/ Creative Design Men's Clothing (HaKa)/ Children's Clothing/ Art, Design and Cultural History/ Basics of Academic Drawing and Figurative Drawing. 3 teachers for special tasks (cutting and illustration), 4 teachers for professional practice (technical implementation and draping), 1 assistant and 3 lecturers.

What other disciplines are there in the design department?

There are 6 disciplines, which are, apart from fashion design: architecture, interior design, communication design, gemstone and jewellery design and intermediate design.

Is it possible to attend events in the other faculties of the Department of Design?

Yes, there is an event offer from all disciplines from which you can choose. These are so-called polymodules. In addition, there is an interdisciplinary project week every year in October, during which you can choose from a wide range of events to suit your interests.

How big is Trier?

Trier has about 106,000 inhabitants and is the fourth largest city in Rhineland-Palatinate. Luxembourg, Saarbrücken and Koblenz are easily accessible by bus and train. There is a university with about 15000 students and the college with about 7000 students.

Are there jobs for students in Trier?

Due to its Roman history and the numerous sights, Trier is a tourist stronghold with a variety of restaurants, hotels etc. Many of our students find jobs there or in the retail trade.

Living in Trier?

Trier is a student city, which is why there are numerous residential.

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