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Fashion design graduate is now head designer at Chloé

Photography by David Sims

Chloé announced on October 9, 2023 that Chemena Kamali, a graduate of the fashion design course at Trier University of Applied Sciences, would be the company's new creative director. She presented her first collection on February 29, 2024.

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“Karl Lagerfeld, Jil Sander - and now Chemena Kamali: A German is shaking up the fashion world”

(Stern, February 29th 2024)

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A career in fashion

Whether Christian Beck as chief designer of Aigner, Reinhard Brodel as chief designer of Clockhouse C&A or Chemena Kamali as creative director of Chloé...

Many success stories began with a fashion degree in Trier. Designers, stylists, editors, costume designers or owners of their own companies. There are many ways to go after graduating in Trier.

The fashion industry is one of the largest, most consistent and traditional industries in the world. It is currently undergoing major changes. Exciting questions of sustainability, digitalisation, globalisation and much more offer influential opportunities to shape the future.

A sound education offers increased chances on the job market, as the fashion industry has for decades valued graduates of the Fashion Department of the University of Applied Sciences Trier. At the same time, the course of study offers the opportunity to try out and develop, to graduate with a Bachelor's, Master's or doctorate and to take one of the numerous career opportunities. A close, family-like network of former graduates provides support.

The topics sustainability, digitalisation, artistic development, sound craftsmanship and an understanding of the fashion market form the basis for a career in fashion. Experience since 1922 and numerous internationally successful graduates confirm these success stories.

Their success stories began in Trier.

Prof. Dirk Wolfes, Nadja Führinger, Lea Kasper, Miranda Konstantinidou, Anette Göhrlich

Prof. Dirk Wolfes from the fashion design department: "The fashion industry is currently undergoing major changes. It is a highly complex profession that requires a great deal of knowledge - from cutting, materials science, communication and market understanding to production processes".

A top-class podium at the alumni meeting in Trier

Antje Selzer – Senior Designer @ Calvin Klein / Sina Steidinger – Senior Designer @ Rosner / Julia Lipfert – Design Coordinator @ Betty Barclay  / Prof. Christian Bruns - Professor @ Hochschule Trier / Reinhard Brodel –  Head of Design @ C&A  / Volker Ketteniß – Head Menswear @ WGSN / Miranda Konstantinidou – Owner @ Konplott / Manfred Wagner – Senior Designer @ Closed

Fashion design in Trier - a course of studies with almost 100 years of history and tradition

The Department of Fashion Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier is not only one of the most renowned in Germany, it is also the oldest still existing institution for fashion design, founded as a design class in 1922 at the State Craftsmen and Arts and Crafts School.

Ralf Schmitt researches the history of the fashion course in Trier.


Discover the project gallery of the fashion design department!

Numerous projects are created each semester. In the project gallery, the field of fashion design is shown in all its diversity. >



Discover life on campus design!

Embedded in the Campus Design of the University of Applied Sciences Trier, the Fashion Design Department is surrounded by creative courses of study such as Intermediate Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Communication Design and Gem and Jewellery Design. Participation in interdisciplinary projects, as well as courses in other courses of study of the department is possible. >



Discover your opportunities at our international partner universities!

The Fashion Design course in Trier offers its students the opportunity to study for a semester at one of the numerous international partner universities. >



From our point of view, the family atmosphere in the Fashion Design department leads to a feeling of strong solidarity that lasts for decades. We maintain our alumni network and thus often provide students with support when entering the profession. In addition to professional expertise, we see networks as the strongest foundation for a successful professional life.

LISTEN TO OUR ALUMNI-PODCAST! (in German only.) Former students talk about their careers.


Discover the fashion design project gallery!

Numerous projects are created every semester. In the project gallery, the fashion design department shows itself in all its diversity. >


Discover life on the Design campus!

Embedded in the Design Campus of Trier University of Applied Sciences, the Fashion Design department is surrounded by creative courses such as Intermediate Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Communication Design and Gemstone and Jewelry Design. Participation in interdisciplinary projects as well as courses in other degree programs of the department is possible. >


Discover your opportunities at our international partner universities!

The Fashion Design course in Trier offers its students the opportunity to study for a semester at one of the numerous international partner universities. >


Discover your possibilities beyond your studies!

In addition to regular studies, the Fashion Design department offers inspiring activities such as excursions, exhibitions, fashion shows & more... >


In an interview with the F.A.Z., Gerd Müller-Thomkins, the long-standing renowned managing director of the German Fashion Institute, recommends the fashion design school in Trier.

"What do you have to look out for in fashion schools? Which ones do you recommend?

Gerd Müller-Thomkins You should keep the term design open in the creative industry - fashion design is also product design. If it absolutely has to be fashion, I recommend public universities with a sound education up to engineering, such as the FH Mönchengladbach offers. The Trier University of Applied Sciences also produces great talent. International tops, besides the École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture in Paris, Central St. Martins College in London and Parsons in New York, are the Istituto Marangoni in Milan and of course the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. [...]"


(Wietersheim, Stefanie : Ein Entwurf fürs Leben? - So werden Sie Modedesigner., in: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, (2021)  

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Senior Designer Tailoring, Menswear
Calvin Klein Europe
Amsterdam, Niederlande

(now Head of Design at Hugo Boss)

Final year 2009 - Graduate fashion designer

I enjoyed my studies. At that time we had, among other things, the subject of collection design, which I found very helpful in retrospect, because it teaches you to think in general and not to get lost in too many details. In general it was also good to have to do so many presentations and folders, which helped me later to show my work in a completely clear and structured way.
It was also very important to learn a good basis in computer programs, which we often taught ourselves with the help of fellow students from other departments.

In general it was wonderful to work so closely with all design departments on projects. This interdisciplinary exchange was something very inspiring at the FH Trier and I think that "looking beyond one's own nose" is incredibly important, especially in today's times and in international competition.

The most important lesson was always to reflect, analyse and improve your own work next time.

“For decades, we have relied on a recipe for success based on individual support. Our main task is to recognize students' potential, work with them to identify their talents and interests, support them and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful on their personal and professional path.”

Prof. Dipl.-Des. Christian Bruns

The jury of the City of Trier 2022 Fashion Award together with the graduates / from left to right Dr. Elisabeth Dühr (Director of the Trier City Museum), Richard Gihr (Head of Knitwear, Marc Cain), Miranda Konstantinidou (Founder & Owner, KONPLOTT), Reinhard Brodel (Head of Communication, C&A), Antje Bleek (Head of Design, Hugo Boss) Photography by Michelle Geist

Digital Fashion and Emotions in the Metaverse - Digital Innovation from Trier

Fashion is more than a commodity with which one can earn money - in the real and now in the virtual world. It is part of a person's identity. Users have long been able to playfully dress their own avatars even in the so-called metaverse, virtual in-between worlds - regardless of whether the styling corresponds to their own personalities or their desire to be one or another. Paola Olguivel's final project at Trier University of Applied Sciences in the fashion design department exists only virtually and is entitled "Emotions in the Metauniverse". 

On the evening of the anniversary fashion show, she had three job offers at once and chose Marc Cain, where she creates innovation in the 3D area. The jury created a special prize especially for her to honour her far-sighted work.

Paola Olaguivel wanted to be a game designer when she was a child. But that world was ultimately very far from hers, says the 34-year-old. She studied fashion design at Trier University of Applied Sciences, graduated with a bachelor's degree. This was followed by various permanent positions and work as a freelancer. Then she studied and worked again. She chose Trier again for her Master's degree because her mentor, Professor Christian Bruns, was open to her idea of designing digital fashion. Now she has come full circle, she says.

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