Menacing Phantasy

All exaggerated hips and shoulders and carved waists shape our memories to this day ... Synonymous with the ultra-body contouring silhouette, creating sculptural statement dresses inspired by the female form. It is a provocative body consciousness.

An escape route of a charged heroine who defies norms and breaks barriers, embodies her individuality and sense of expressing her sexuality. She is a creature of power, independent and fierce. She is no longer fighting for her place in the world of men. She has earned it. She is not just a fantasy, she is reality. Urgent and uninhibited, Menacing Phantasy ignites a bold discourse of human sexuality in a hypermodern world, proposing a sentient representation of identity: one granted with the clarity of choice and freedom of self-expression.

Emphasizing Eros, the collection is a seductive evolution of triumphant, body-positive vintage futurism. With a new decadence, it delves further into seductive femininity. Diverse, confident, seductive, it is a woman with an attitude, a predator. She indulges her darker side and exudes an intoxicating aura that no one can ignore. A confident sensuality erupts in a game of revealing and concealing.

An imaginary dream world where fantasies are nurtured and addictions are indulged. In a frenzy of bold colors, clashing materials and daringSilhouettes, she is intriguing, daring and striking. She is menacing. The menacing fantasy is a hedonistic mindset based on a personality that is outward, bold and vibrant, yet very reserved, considered and aloof. The contrasts are electrifying and the collection strives to do just that. It is a case where vivid opulence meets an irrational sense of sensual restraint. The collection's aesthetic derives from this juxtaposition.

A collection of collectibles: daring pieces and elements with which to come under the influence; curtains, opulence and seduction should be collected in time. It all has a touch of nostalgia: a longing for sparkling times when understated glamour ruled and sequins, sharp shoulders and plunging necklines were a must. It is a story of modern vintage. The collection is meant for a strong woman. A woman in control. A woman who plays with seduction and sophistication, who is all about living large and enjoying it in every way possible. The basis of everything is individuality: the human body, its freedom and its desires. The need to feel, the pleasure to attract and seduce, resulting in a variety of constraints and fluidity, colors, textures and prints in conflict.

MENACING PHANTASY Saudin Crnovrshanin


MENTOR Professor Dirk Wolfes



MODEL Karen Reichelt, Svenja Woltmann

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