May 2019 - when I get home, there is a small blue, white-striped box on the suitcase next to my door. I can't remember where I came from, only that this box was there. A box smaller than a shoebox, about 5 cm high, 10 cm long and maybe 7 cm wide. Postage costs maximum 3,90 Euro with DHL. I took it to my room and put it in a corner and tried to ignore it. I don't have to open it to know what's inside. I have been waiting for this box for almost 12 months. I am boiling with rage. Mostly at myself. Because I shouldn't care, because I shouldn't let it get to me. Easier said than done." "It's like Tolstoy said, Happiness is an allegory. Unhappiness is a story." Haruki Murakami. Female, 29, born on 20.08.1990 at 15:12 in Munich at the University Hospital in Maistraße, protagonist in this story, yet universally interchangeable. For every human being has lived through this scenario - in one way or another. And probably not just once.

The end of love. "It's over", the three bold words that can bring a whole world crashing down. And what remains are two injured people, memorabilia that now seem worthless and a life together that is now divided into two separate lives, each person may find themselves in the situation, not forced by a partner, nor by friends, family or affairs. Separation from someone you love is unfortunately possible at any time and what remains is usually pain. 

Lovesickness is an omnipresent feeling, something that is omnipresent and although not everyone may openly admit it, there is probably a box like this in every household. Filled with pure emotions packed in old letters, photos and t-shirts. A feeling that everyone knows and has lived through. And no matter how sad it may be, there are few topics that appeal to us humans so much, because we can all put ourselves in the opposite position. Inspired by the remnants of past relationships, the question arises, don't we all associate certain pieces of clothing with people who are or were close to us? Be they family, parents, lovers or even friends? And does this not mean that we carry all emotions in certain garments with us? Can a collection therefore convey a feeling in which every person finds himself or herself?

Fortgang- Processing 1613r is an attempt to reflect on one's own history and to visualize these feelings. It is a story of many farewells and yet never implies an end, but always a new beginning.

FORTGANG Svenja Woltmann

MENTOR Professor Dirk Wolfes



  • FOTOS Laura Schleder/ Instagram @laura_schleder
  • MODELS Miriam Sippl/ Let it go Managment/ @miriamguiliette, Patrick Amelie Becker/ @wbruhackebeiltoni
  • HAIR & MAKE UP Lena Klein/ @paper_and_powder
  • ASSISTANT Anne Marzi/ @annestract
  • DRAPING-MODELS Hannah Knoblauch/ @hannahflicka​​
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