In her final thesis, Master's graduate Sarah Schmitz dealt with a topic that concerns and should appeal to us all: sustainability.

She describes her work herself with the following words: "In my master's thesis I dealt with the topics of sustainability and ethics in fashion and, as a consequence, with over-consumption in our society. 
The consequence of this was for me the exclusive use of second-hand textiles and the claim to design a collection whose pieces have what it takes to become keypieces that survive more than one season. 
In this way, not only is the work of others respected and valued, but also all resources that are used in a "normal" production process are conserved".

„WE ARE ALL WATER“ Sarah Schmitz

MENTOR Professor Bettina Maiburg



PHOTOGRAPHY Luka Alagiyawanna
MODEL Judith Grün

HAIR & MAKE-UP Katharina Ohmert

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