It's the end of February 2021, we've already spent almost a year in isolation and can hardly remember the time when Corona was just a delicious brand of beer. I'm just finishing my second master's semester, haven't entered the university halls once or met my fellow students and hope that the 2nd lockdown will finally come to an end. At the same time, my life has become much easier without travel and social obligations and I have been able to use the time to work on myself, reflect and realize that it is finally time to take responsibility as a designer to make fashion more sustainable. This semester I have been working on why the corsage as a garment never goes out of style and why it is now back in full fashion. The feeling of living in a time without control over the world is possibly why I was so drawn to corsages. I also deepened my 3D knowledge and managed to expand my basic knowledge and become very familiar with the possibilities of 3D visualization and 3D printing.


ZUGESCHNÜRT Paola Haitz Olaguivel


MENTOR Professor Christian Bruns


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