"Packing my suitcase..."

With these words the child's play known to us all begins. And usually, inspired by fantasy, the most diverse objects are found in the suitcase, which is not so far from our current reality. It fits more into the suitcase, because everything has become "mobile", everything is in motion, not only products and services, but ourselves.

The aim of the game is of course to train the memory, but the theme is the journey. You can go on a journey or go on a wandering, just like the nomads used to do in Africa and Asia: cattle herders wandering around with herds or clans of Bedouins or Tuaregs who never settled down for economic reasons.

Today the term nomad has a different, much more open and far-reaching meaning. Through digitalisation and globalisation, the aspect of movement and agitation has become part of our way of life and thinking. We are expected to be active, mobile and flexible. Always and everywhere.

Our migration is no longer a purely geographical, physical one, but rather one between possibilities. We choose, change and wander between professions, partners and whole life models. Just as the old nomads left their relief-like traces in the sand of the dunes, just as it was a fundamental characteristic of mankind in cultural history to leave traces on the earth as a later testimony of his own existence, so too do the countless possibilities of choice of our modern times leave their traces with us. The promise of enormous freedom can inspire and at the same time overtax. We as individuals also leave traces and shape others through our interactions. It is the principle of cause and effect, one cannot not communicate, every action also carries a message, every movement or non-movement leaves a trace.


MENTORIN Professorin Bettina Maiburg



PHOTOGRAPHY Lukas Langguth

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