“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” 
― Friedrich Nietzsche

Enclosed, fashion design student Hao Du explains his master semester project.
What happens when the clothes are worn and the wearer moves? The body does not one-sidely control and move the clothes; the clothes and body are equal – the two move independently yet influenced each other while accommodating the subtle spaces between them. When the body and the clothes – both equal in the natural environment – perform their individual movements, they move while mutually embracing or diffusing the gaps that form between them.
By ephemeral beauty, I prefer to the atmosphere generated between the body and clothes, which is expressed using the word ‘space’. In this sense, wearer participation is not about saving space; rather, it is a technique that implies the supposed existence of an atmosphere space body and clothes. What makes the simplicity of a piece of clothes with enough space beautiful is not that no interference is possible; but that it alludes to the abundance of space that can be accommodated by the clothes.
The inspiration of my collection “keep dancing, remain thinking” comes from a piece of contemporary dancing of Pina Bausch called Café Müller. Dancers are cuddling and separating, it is an abstract description about the relationship of garments and body.
I believe the beauty of an object does not lie in its eye-pleasing appearance, but rather in the significance it embodies.


MENTOR Professorin Bettina Maiburg

Master Semesterprojekt

MODEL Edward Harrington (New York)
MUA Tian Tian
ART DIRECTION Amelia Liu (New York)
LOCATION Flora Image Beijing


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