Emergency care during after school periods

What are you going to do if your kindergarten closes at 3pm and your work or lecture day does not end til later? For these situations the University of Applied Sciences Trier offers all members and their children an after school program.

Campus Schneidershof:

In cooperation with the Caritas the University of Applied Sciences Trier offers an after school program to all employees and students.

The need for childcare must be registered no later than 5pm the previous day via telephone (06561 9671 - 125, please talk to the mailbox if necessary). On the appointed time you simply take your child to the “ad hoc”-children’s rooms at the Uinversity of Trier Campus. Caritas nurses will take of your little one there. There are amble opportunities to play, do arts & crafts, run wild or do your homework. 

This service is free of charge. Please mind that children wishing to take part must be introduced to the nurses beforehand, so make sure you visit the ad hoc rooms together with your child a couple of times before you first use the service to introduce your child.

Environmental Campus Birkenfeld:

You can register your childcare need by phone or by mail no later than 24 hours before. On the appointed time you take your child or children to the entrance of the kindergarten rooms in the communication building. The entrance is located on the side facing the canteen. Your child is expected by a nurse. The location is equipped in a child friendly way and offers a lot of room for playing and resting as well as doing homework. You are freed from fees here as well.

Contact Person emergency care

Thorsten Wulf
Thorsten Wulf
Beschäftigter Gleichstellungsbüro


+49 6782 17-2618


Birkenfeld | Building 9925 | Room 45
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