How to apply for the Deutschlandstipendium

Application Period: July 1st - August 31st 2020

Requirements & Application Process

Who can apply?

Application Criteria

Any student enrolled for one of the study programmes at Trier University of Applied Sciences can apply for the Deutschlandstipendium. You should be within your standard period of study (Regelstudienzeit) and your studies should continue for at least two semesters (the period for which the sholarship is awarded). The standard period of study may only be exceeded due to serious reasons (such as illness, parenthood, or study time abroad). In this case, you must hand in an extra letter describing your case along with your other application documents.

The main criteria in the selection process are: academic achievement, social commitment, and your private circumstances. This means that your grades should be above average. Further qualifications (such as degrees and training prior to your university studies, awards, internships) are also counted as academic achievement. Social commitment includes every action that is not primarily aimed at one's own advantage but at the benefit of society in general or groups within. The scholarship aims to support students who achieve academic success under difficult personal circumstances - be it that they have a history of migration, have to support themselves with jobs, are affected by health issues, or have children of their own.

The three main criteria possess different weight in the selection process:

  • academic achievement: 60 %
  • social commitment: 20 %
  • personal circumstances: 20 %
When can I apply?

Application Period

You can apply for the Deutschlandstipendium every year from July 1st to August 31st.

Where do I apply?

Application Portal

Applications are to be submitted via our online application platform DSTIP. The link will be provided on this website during the application period. 

Which documents do I need?

Application Requirements

The following documents are mandatory:

  • Letter of motivation ( max. 2 pages)
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • Copy of your qualification to enter university; for foreign certificates, a translation into the German system and conversion into the German grade system has to be added
  • If applicable, proof of a special qualification (e.g. entrance test) that qualifies for your studies at the University of Applied Sciences Trier,
  • Copy of your bachelor’s degree (only if you are enrolled for a master’s degree)
  • Proof of your academic performance so far (grades including ECTS points)
  • Confirmation of enrolment for the upcoming winter semester (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung)

Your application may further include the following certifications and verifications as required:

  • Academic achievements
  • Professional qualifications and references
  • Further qualifications and acquirements 
  • Special awards and prizes
  • Social commitment and volunteer work
  • Factors which have had an aggravating or impeding impact on your educational career to date (personal circumstances)
Can I apply in English?

Language of the Application

Your application may be in German or English. If your application documents are in a third language, an officially certified translation into German must be added.

The application portal DStip can be used both in German or English.

Can I reapply for the scholarship?

Reapplication Process for scholarship holders

After the period of one year, scholarship holders may reapply for the Deutschlandstipendium if they still fulfill all the criteria listed above. Reapplications can be submitted online via the application platform DSTIP from July 1st to August 31st. For your reapplication, you need your login data, which was allocated during your first registration on the platform.

The following new documents are mandatory:

  • Short report about the period in which you received the scholarship (max. 1 page)
  • Confirmation of enrolment for the upcoming winter semester (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung)
  • Proof of your academic performance during the last two semesters (grades including ECTS points)

Your reapplication may further include new certifications and verifications such as:

  • New academic achievements
  • New professional qualifications and references
  • New qualifications and acquirements (e.g. languages)
  • New awards and prizes
  • Recent social commitment and volunteer work
  • Changed factors which have had an aggravating or impeding impact on your educational career to date (personal circumstances)

Important Information for Applicants

  • Please read the Application Agreement as it contains important information about the selection process, a detailed list of all the required documents, and a statement of participation.
  • Hand in all the documents marked as mandatory - otherwise your application will be excluded from the selection process.
  • Please hand in documents to verify all your information; data without verification cannot be considered in the selection process.
  • Please begin your preparations early enough to meet the deadline - there is no option to hand in documents after August 31st.


Dr. Anne Koch

Programme Coordinator

Schneidershof J 211

54293 Trier

e-mail: a.koch(at)

phone: 0651 8103 284

Individual consultation by appointment

Need help...

...with your application?

The General Students' Committee (AStA) supports international students by offering help with the writing and understanding of documents.

In Trier contact: asta(at)

At the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld contact: asta(at)

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