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1. Mira Salome Fischer

…Mira Salome Fischer | Beschäftigte FB Informatik - FR Therapiewissenschaften, M.Fischer@inf.hochschule-trier.de, +49 651 8103-726, Schneidershof, S-L204

contactSchneidershof URL: /en/search-for-persons/detail-of-person/contact/mira-salome-fischer-1426

2. Andrea Fischer, Diplom-Kauffrau

…Andrea Fischer, Diplom-Kauffrau | Beschäftigte FB Technik - FR Elektrotechnik, A.Fischer@etech.hochschule-trier.de, +49 651 8103-342, Schneidershof, S-B107

contactSchneidershof URL: /en/search-for-persons/detail-of-person/contact/andrea-fischer-850

3. Dr. Alexandra Fischer-Pardow

…Dr. Alexandra Fischer-Pardow | Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben Fachsprache Englisch, a.fischer-pardow@umwelt-campus.de, +49 6782 17-1119, Birkenfeld, 9916-47

contactBirkenfeld URL: /en/search-for-persons/detail-of-person/contact/dr-alexandra-fischer-pardow-1468

4. Prof. Dr. Peter Fischer-Stabel

…Prof. Dr. Peter Fischer-Stabel | Professor FB Umweltplanung/-technik - FR Informatik, p.fischer-stabel@umwelt-campus.de, +49 6782 17-1768, Birkenfeld, 9925-149

contactBirkenfeld URL: /en/search-for-persons/detail-of-person/contact/prof-dr-peter-fischer-stabel-234

5. Melanie Fischer-Krupp, Dipl. Wi.-Ing. (FH)

…Melanie Fischer-Krupp, Dipl. Wi.-Ing. (FH) | Beschäftigte FB Umweltplanung/-technik - FR Informatik, m.fischer-krupp@umwelt-campus.de, Birkenfeld

contactBirkenfeld URL: /en/search-for-persons/detail-of-person/contact/melanie-fischer-krupp-1341

6. Tracking Traces

… an anarchic reinvention. It represents human error/deviation and natural imperfection in the digital age," is how Tanja Fischer, a master's graduate, describes her thesis. TRACKING TRACES Tanja Fischer MENTOR Professor Dirk Wolfes …

Campus for Design and Art URL: /en/gestaltung/mode/projects/archiv/tracking-traces

7. Kammertiger

… and useless curiosities, encouraged us to deal with current notions of the wild. This exhibition was conceived by Evelyn Fischer M.A. with the support of Lara Wolf. KAMMERTIGER  Evelyn Fischer, Lara Wolf MENTOR Professor Dr.…

Campus for Design and Art URL: /en/gestaltung/mode/projects/archiv/kammertiger

8. Reference Model

… IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, Berlin, Heidelberg, pp. 248–259. Available from: dx.doi.org . Fischer, J, Naumann, S & Dick, M 2010, 'Enhancing Sustainability of the Software Life Cycle via a Generic Knowledge Base' in…

Environmental Campus Birkenfeld URL: https://www.umwelt-campus.de/en/research/projekte/green-software-engineering/reference-model

9. Profile & Team

… French for Specific Purposes) Dr. Martina Witt-Jauch (English & English for Specific Purposes) Dr. Alexandra Fischer-Pardow (English & English for Specific Purposes) (associated) Adjunct Lecturers  PhD researchers …

Environmental Campus Birkenfeld URL: https://www.umwelt-campus.de/en/campus/organisation/fachbereichuwur/sprache-kommunikation/indi/en/profile-team

10. Summer School "IT-Fundamentals of National Park Monitoring"

… locations, monitoring systems etc. will be presented to the participants. GeoInformation: Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Peter Fischer-Stabel, University of Applied Sciences Trier Geographical Information Systems (GIS), satellite navigation or…

Environmental Campus Birkenfeld URL: https://www.umwelt-campus.de/en/research/projekte/nationalparkforschung/summer-school-it-fundamentals-of-national-park-monitoring

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