“we have taken it all and it is still not enough;
we have taken it all and transformed it into waste
which we give back to the earth
as a poisonous present and
as an unsolvable mass of matter.“

– lidewij edelkoort

scratched, ripped, torn, perforated, destroyed

"Now this mass is transforming itself from the remoteness of waste back into something new. The wheel of life continues to turn. Complex structures and surfaces are created. The organic is suddenly found in the inorganic.
Raw material meets finest materiality. A concert of contrasts and yet floating in harmony. Fading. Disappearing. Vaporized. Lost. Spent. Destroyed. And resurrected... only small traces, cracks, holes tell of a life gone by...
Tracking Traces brings humanity back to what could be a dystopian outlook. In it, nature mixes with technology and function with protection, towards an anarchic reinvention. It represents human error/deviation and natural imperfection in the digital age," is how Tanja Fischer, a master's graduate, describes her thesis.



MENTOR Professor Dirk Wolfes


Winner Modepreis der Stadt Trier 2017


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