The exhibition Kammertiger: A Panopticon of Wild Things presented creative works by students of fashion design, which conceptually address current ideas of the wild.
Chaotic, quick-tempered, untamed, natural, disorderly, undeveloped, impetuous, loud, powerful or even messy are synonyms for the attribute wild. To "go wild" or "be wild" means to get out of control: When we encounter "wild things" we must be careful, for they seem to undermine or even disturb our order. The Panopticon of Wild Things focused on precisely these attributions: Installations, artifacts, (design) objects of the most diverse kinds and purposes, both useful rarities and useless curiosities, encouraged us to deal with current notions of the wild.
This exhibition was conceived by Evelyn Fischer M.A. with the support of Lara Wolf.

KAMMERTIGER  Evelyn Fischer, Lara Wolf

MENTOR Professor Dr. Christina Threuter


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