Application for exchange students

Before you come to Trier

We are very happy that you decided to spend a study semester/or year at our Business School. After being nominated by the international office of your home university you are asked to send your application form signed by your coordinator together with your transcript and your learning agreement. You can choose the subjects on our list of subjects for exchange students. This list is updated every semester. 

Applications should be submitted by mid-May for entry in our winter semester and mid-December for entry in our summer semester.

During the semester

Upon arrival at Trier University of Applied Sciences you will meet your study buddies who will already have contacted you by email and WhatsApp. Your study buddies will guide you through the orientation days and explain how you sign up and work with our Stud.IP and QIS systems. They will also assist you in the case of problems in your daily life or spend leisure time with you.

After the study semester

Within six weeks after the examination period you will be able to download a transcript of records on Qis. If you need the transcript to be signed please send it to the international business office. Details on our grading systems can be found in the download area.


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