Crowd Disaster

Crowd Disaster is a Serious Game that relates to human crowds and potential accidents related to those. The objective of the game is to show fundamental aspects of crowd behavior and accidents. The game bride builder inspires the structure of this game. In different given scenarios, the player must place new walls to prevent accidents and enable fast evacuations. The set contains different scenes with different requirements for the player. To complete a level, the player has to meet specific minimal objectives. Fundamentally there are two different types of scenarios. In the first type, a room is filled with a certain number of people that must be evacuated. Evacuation has to happen in a specific amount of time, eventually without surpassing a maximum accident probability. The second type of scenario contains a continuous influx of people. In this scenario, a certain amount of people present in the room must not be exceeded.

The simulation core of the game is programmed in CUDA. That is also the reason why an NVIDIA graphics card is required to run the game. The source code of the simulation core is available on Github. The simulation method has been published on I/ITSEC 2020 (Link). Fundamentally the model used in the simulation is based on a mixture of the Eikonal and the continuity equation. The game itself is programmed in Unity and uses a native plugin to communicate with DirextX11 and CUDA.    


The title screen of the game.
After we narrowed the entrance corridors, one can observe a much more continuous distribution of incoming persons.
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