Time is a Killer

"In my short films, I accuse time of everything I've always wanted to accuse it of! Representatively I invented for it personalities like "Mr. Always-on-time" and "Mr. Always-late". Of course "Mr. Always-late" hates "Mr. Always-on-time". Of course! Who wants these always-perfect perfectionists who are always perfectly on time? Nobody. That's why Mr. Always-late kills Mr. Always-on-time. I told him to let it go and be tolerant, but he wouldn't listen. This childish emotional helps me deal with these unpleasant truths. I am now officially in the quarter life-crisis. And I feel them coming at me everywhere. 25... Shit... 25!!! I was 18 a minute ago, feeling immortal. Turned around and walked away, not feeling like I was leaving anything behind. Because in my understanding, everything always stayed the same. Quite safe and secure, it stayed there. And then I turn around, 7 years later (oh god really 7 already?) and everything is different. Where have all the promises gone that we made to each other as kids? Why is everyone eating broccoli all of a sudden? We never wanted to eat that! And why doesn't anyone play anymore? Where did all the Peter Pans go, anyway, and why am I the only one it seems to bother?"


TIME IS A KILLER Gloria Hohmeister

MENTOR Professor Dirk Wolfes



  • VIDEO & CUT Laurin Keul
  • MODEL Karen Reichelt, Marina Idacyk
  • MAKE UP Arduba Hoti
  • ASSISTENCE Malina Ludwig
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