My collection is aimed at successful businesswomen who do not want to get lost in the dreariness of the business world and who want to dress in a style-conscious and serious manner.

My collection is inspired by classic men's cuts, especially the traditional business suit and uses their common vocabulary of forms, but these elements are interpreted and implemented in a feminine and modern way. The lapel plays a leading role as the attribute of the men's suit and is taken up as a striking rising lapel in the collection. The trousers are also an important element of the collection. Like no other item of clothing, they have a historically masculine connotation. The cut of the pants is reminiscent of that of Marlene Dietrich, who made trousers accessible to the broad mass of women and shaped an entire era. They are meant to remind of her as a strong, successful woman and style icon and carry the touch of her pathos. Details such as cuffs are adopted and transformed into a finer and more refined version through nuances. Thus, they are lengthened and closed with ball buttons and loops instead of the classic buttonhole. The straight cuts, which are not close to the body, only get their character from the tied waist belt, which creates proportions and decisively determines the silhouette.

The classic and masculine-inspired pieces in shape and cut are broken up by the soft colors and the flowing material. The soft flowing Tencel appears delicate and wraps the twill feminine and elegant. The rough leather forms the ideal contrast to this. It appears rough and tough, but also exclusive and valuable, just like the wearers. The play between traditional and modern, between masculine and feminine and between soft and coarse material create tension and define the collection.

The simple and straightforward designs, do not distract from the wearer, but highlight her and emphasize her skills. They convey seriousness, business acumen, self-confidence and purposefulness as well as individuality, style, taste and topicality. At the same time, they remain elegant and feminine and do not look like crude copies of the men's suit.

SUITTERRAIN Joshua Luca Ohlbrich


MENTOR Professor Christian Bruns



  • FOTOS Anne Kirch
  • MODEL Christiana Scharf
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