Stay Sassy


The Memphis Group has not been constrained by anything or anyone. They have completely broken out of the rules of the time, the design principle of functionalism. They have brought back what makes design something essential in our world, namely the fun of it and of products to which you can build emotions. Karl Lagerfeld certainly didn't furnish his apartment in Monaco with Memphis furniture because it was comfortable and practical, but more likely because he was emotionally moved by the bright colors, patterns, and crazy proportions and simply enjoyed it.

I think their designs turned out so great and sustainably intoxicating because I'm sure they weren't thinking all the time, how do you think it's going to go over with society? They weren't concerned with selling a lot and making a profit, because then they would have had to play by the rules. They did it for themselves and simply, quite cheekily and bluntly, lived the fun of creating.

That's exactly the feeling I wanted to pick up on. I think it's great to be able to break away from the idea that I have to make something that society in general considers "beautiful", whether what I create pleases my environment. I wanted to make something that I enjoy and the designs of Memphis meet exactly my taste: the bright colors, the crazy mix of patterns, the proportions that arise from basic shapes and the mix of very different materials and how everything together looks cluttered, but still harmonious and dynamic. I wanted to transfer exactly this mood and emotion that Memphis evokes in me to my prototype. It should simply be fun and preferably also "over the top". It should stand out and be seen with bright colors and patterns, be colorfully mixed, voluminous and massive, but also somehow playfully light and flowing in motion. Basically just cheeky. Sassy in the sense of not letting yourself be restricted, breaking out and not caring about what others think. Just, in an endearing way, doing your thing and enjoying life in your own way.

For me, this feeling also connects the Memphis Group with voguing. Voguing provides a space for the LGBTQ+ community where they can be themselves. It represents for them a liberating form of self-expression. Especially in its time of origin, the rights of people who did not feel they belonged to the social norms of sexuality and gender, and who were not white, were threatened. Through voguing, they were able to parody the oppressive ideals of white femininity, sexuality, beauty, and class. Basically, it's about having a "save space" to be able to express their true selves and tell their own unique story. Completely independent of what is considered "normal" or "this is how it has to be" in society. The message is: Be yourself and don't let anyone tell you how to live or love! This feeling and this mood I have transformed in the given theme "Voguing in Memphis" to my personal rebellious theme "STAY SASSY!".

STAY SASSY Sina Stöckle

MENTOR Professor Christian Bruns



  • MODEL Swantje Timm
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