Oriental Punk

From escape with ghetto brands, to a better world.

The spread of the popularity of luxury brands as "ghetto" brands is staged and artificially inflated on social media. Thus, an unrealistic and idealization of the status of megastar and "bad boy" takes place. The dream of escaping from a poor world into a supposedly better world is within reach; it's no longer the hip-hop stars from the distant USA whose lives and songs are told in a foreign language, but rather my neighbors from the block next door, who tell their own stories in their new mother tongue from the street and have to live or exist under the same laws as you. The identification factor increases immeasurably and the desire to be a successful star, moves closer with the imitation as a decal in a Gucci shirt. Rappers with an immigrant background manage to emerge from a shadowy world of society to push themselves to the forefront of the popularity scale of Generation "Z" and create dream images of a better world:

The design of the prototype results from previous research; largely all steps that take place in traditional handicraft production are replaced by forward-looking techniques in 3D printing and laser cutting. The punk style as a code for rebellion, for a departure from conventions and a sign of a new age, is mixed with traditional style elements of the Orient, such as macramé. The collar in the henna style of the Orient, is made as a "lace fabric" in 3D printing process. As another style-defining element, the turban, in the motif world of ghetto branding, is designed entirely in the type of the Louis Vuitton logo, and is cut and hatched using the laser cutting process.Lace layers of the dress are sewn together by hand, in the Arts-and-Craft style. In the prototype, tradition and the latest technology meet; breaking traditions is the concept that creates the look. Here digital technology and craftsmanship can coexist without taking away the value of the other.

ORIENTAL PUNK Maria Grazia Giorgio


MENTOR Professor Christian Bruns


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