MADE IN PAIN treats the painful process of how our body processes trauma and transforms us to new energy. The collection is about visualizing emotions and thus making the process of subjective trauma healing clear. The process work after a traumatic experience is crucial, because depending on how it happens, we process the experience in different ways.

We often talk about traumatic experiences and in the best case about their healing, but what happens in between? Process work forms a certain grey area, because it is difficult to grasp and subjective. How can a process be influenced? To what extent can one take something positive from it? And how can the pain even be transformed into something good?

The collection "MADE IN PAIN" is not about the trauma itself, it is more about letting go, the intuitive working that is crucial and important in the healing process. Because intuitive action, the reflection and perception of the physicality, decisive from the gut feeling, helps to be in the here and now. Furthermore, it conveys that we are alive and helps us not to get caught up in the whirlpool of negative thought streams and let them determine us.
- healing is ongoing

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MENTOR Professor Dirk Wolfes



  • FOTOS Keyvan Varashk
  • MODELS Hannah Knoblauch, Siona Schmitz
  • HAIR & MAKE UP Tina Follmann
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