Living Codes - Breaking Codes

Dress codes and dress codes have always been responsible for the classification and adherence to social constructs and structures. I will juxtapose and merge two dress codes that at first glance seem to contrast in order to dissolve these structures and create a new dynamic.

On the one hand, I will look at uniforms in the working world - from military uniforms and business attire to the self-chosen uniforms of subcultures - with a particular interest in the uniform of a female pilot. Her uniform, due to the solid fabric, gives the impression of an almost sculptural form with a strong emphasis on the waist and shoulders. This is contrasted with the health goth and street goth culture that developed out of the goth subculture. I am interested in breaking down the existing order, deconstructing and reconstructing various elements to achieve a new look.

In order to get a more multifaceted overall concept, I am additionally dealing with different traditional and innovative elements that shape my collection. My traditional starting point is based on a wood stamp printing technique, in which the wood stamp itself is preliminarily sawed, planed and carved, and then used to print fabrics by hand. A second traditional starting point is Kintsugi, a traditional Japanese repair method for ceramics. Here, missing parts or broken areas are filled in with gold-dusted lacquer.

My innovative starting point deals with the production of bio plastic as a sustainable substitute product to leather. I will experiment with different raw materials like algae, corn starch and coffee. I will integrate the leather components typical in Street Goth culture into the theme through my leather substitute products.

Immediately, a symbiosis of these elements was noticeable, reminiscent of traditional porcelain and a huge influence in the design of my prototype. These elements are to be brought together by their combination in a modern context and still represent the strength of your origin.


MENTOR Professor Christian Bruns


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