It´s all just a game

A fall/winter collection targeting a person whos boldness matches the one of the clothes; it’s about a who dares everything. A highly-targeted and exclusively niche collection, it centers around a woman wholikes to defy appearances with eveningwear as bold and as loud as her. She is not afraid to stand-out, in fact she demands attention, not only with her fashion choices but with her attitude as well.

The silhouettes in checkered patterns come straight out of the tale of Alice in Wonderland. Parallel lines and clashing patterns transfigure into a network that encloses the body and plays on transparency. Sharp and wide-shoulder blazers with leggings in geometrical and all-over psychodelic prints provide a loud, camouflage-like statement. Delicate, evanescent, free, confident, nothing hinders her walk in her long monochrome, amphetamine-sharp dresses, heavily driven by patterns referencing to great Op-Artists, like Bridget Riley and Franco Grignani.

The playfull and surreal side of the collection is reflected in the oversized heart- shaped dreesses, inspired by suit symbols. A surreal moment comes alive in a floor-legth, swirl dress where white vinyl stripes swirl down a nude mesh, creating an illusion-like experience. The patterns and shapes are carefully placed to complement the body and vice versa.

A pattern-driven collection swirling back to the 60s and focussing on the structure of vision, perception, the spectacle of light and colour, the interplay between the eye and the brain. The brain corrects and interprets what they eye sees, thus creating the most astonishing illusions, warping movements, three-dimensionality and changing colours.surrealist playground in which predominantly black and white symbolise the colours of the subconscious.

A dichotomy between the real and the virtual world, The designs are disoriented, shocked, stimulated, tend to created great big exclamation marks. Bold geometric statements still have the power to capture the gaze but paradoxically, their current incarnation could be a sign that we are collectively craving some sense of order in our fractured, overly digitized lives.

The prints are directly influenced by and are a tribute to the Op-Art movement. Optical illusions have fascinated artists for centuries, but it is only since the 1960s that the term Optical Art became recognised as a verifiable art movement in its own right. This strand of art practice explores the magical wonders of optical illusions, titillating the senses and disrupting our physiological and psychological perceptions with weird patterns that induce swelling, warping and blurring, or create terrifying illusions of depth, light and space. 

Viewing these artworks can be a truly mind-bending experience, lifting us out of the ordinary world and into the realms of the surreal and fantastical. The process employes a number of distinct surrealist themes and techniques to create a harmonious dialogue between disciplines; techniques which include: teasing the eye, the merging of opposites, unique construction methods, as well as ornamentation, and surrealist motifs.

IT´S ALL JUST A GAME Saudin Crnovrshanin

MENTOR Professor Christian Bruns


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