Bombyx Mori


Noun, neuter [that].

1. complete withdrawal into privacy; staying at home as a leisure activity.

Form of behavior that consists in withdrawing from the complex, threatening, and uncontrollable environment
into our own four walls.

We take refuge in a space, which does not necessarily have to be physical space, in which we feel a sense of security. In which the negativity in our environment cannot penetrate. Safe, sheltered, but at the same time closed off, out of touch with reality. We lament and curse the world around us, which is becoming more and more distant. It is not a conscious act, but arises in our subconscious. We spin an illusion like a thread that gradually weaves itself into a cocoon that completely envelops us and from within which the world can no longer be perceived clearly.

One of the most important sources of inspiration are the dance performances of Loïe Fuller, who was the pioneer of modern dance and staging through light at the end of the 19th century. Through purposeful movement, the fabric forms wing-like patterns that make the dancer look like a flying butterfly. The interplay of the softness of the fabric, the gentle shapes and the tension and energy of the dance, awakened the association of a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon.

BOMBY MORI Nadja Führinger

MENTOR Professor Christian Bruns

1. Semester Master


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