"Sometimes it hurts when emotions are not returned the way you give them. Sometimes it is difficult to separate oneself from the emotions of others that one does not want to share: how do bonds form or why do bonds not form? What does the other person think when you meet? How important is communication about emotions in an interpersonal relationship? What is written between the lines when you communicate and why is it so important to understand?

Philippa Brunnenkant dealt with these questions in her bachelor's thesis and created a collection from a love story.

"In the collection, the kissing mouth emoji, which stands for emotion, was the main element, which changes with every interpersonal encounter to reflect the situation.

ZWISCHENMENSCHEN Philippa Brunnenkant

MENTOR Professor Jo Meurer



PHOTOGRAPHY annagrafia
MODELS Lucas Möller, Luis Steinmaßl, Kim Dudszus
VIDEO Eva Pieroth, Marie- Denise Maitro

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