やりとり、やり取り、遣り取り、Exchange (m), back and forth (n), disputes (m), correspondence (f), drinking together (n), exchanging (words) (n), bills (n)

Designers are inspired by the environment in which they live. Thus, the country where you live, its traditions and people, influences the creativity of everyone. If you have lived in two countries for a longer period of time, you will notice a mixture of both traditions and cultures. But also the influence of different countries on each other should not be underestimated.

YARITORI Elisa Henniger

MENTOR Professor Dirk Wolfes



PHOTOGRAPHY Valentin Henning und Edouard Olszewski

MODELS Lea Kasper, Yanick Behrendt-Henn und Karen Reichelt

RESEARCH PICTURES Hiroko und Mitsuhiro Awaya

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