"Where to" is the title of Julia Spier's master's thesis. No question. More of a statement. In the menswear collection "Where to" is about travelling, wanderlust, the city, nature, security, your own way.
Finding your own way usually takes more time, but it is important to develop your own personality and thus to find yourself. This is reflected in the collection in such a way that all tops have been developed by draping, which means that there are no conventional side and shoulder seams on them.
The two self-developed print patterns give the collection a graphic, almost futuristic appearance. The future lies in the far distance. Where the journey will take us is uncertain. The destination only plays a subordinate role. More important are the experiences and adventures that are made on the way. The drive is the perpetual longing for things, places, feelings, for more...

WOHIN Julia Spier

MENTOR Professor Jo Meurer



MODEL Manuel Wörner

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