Bachelor graduate Annika Sautter explains the background idea of her collection "Neo Antiqua" with these words: "The world without electricity. No consumption. Standstill. But one of mankind's basic needs is change. And through creativity and inventiveness, but also by reflecting on the original techniques of primitive peoples and nature, a new street style and a collection is created that profits and grows from the given circumstances. Characterized by decay, growth, movement and change."

NEO ANTIQUA Annika Sautter

MENTORIN Professorin Bettina Maiburg



PHOTOGRAPHY Hamid Massafi und Annika Sautter (1-8); Catalina Körber (9-17)
MODELS Sophie Sautter (Fotos 1-8); Meike Endres und KhaNo (Fotos 9-17)
HAIR & MAKE-UP Annika Sautter (Fotos 1-8); Gabriella Manduzio (Fotos 9-17)

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