Kind of Blue

"Kind of Blue... frequently cites as the greatest jazz album of all time" - Jazzwise

Bachelor's graduate Laila Matt tells a personal story and shares it with us: "The bedroom door has a gap open, warm light, a hint of cigarette smoke, the smell of wine and jazz sounds rise in the staircase and accompany me to sleep. The album Kind of Blue by Miles Davis has accompanied me all my life. My work is a meeting of many inspirations - jazz, my childhood, melancholic evenings, memories, a painting of my mother and Miles Davis himself.
The work is characterized by clear, straight cuts. The individual outfits are inspired by men's clothing and express this through masculine shoulders and oversized looks, for example. The outfits are mostly tone in tone, based on men's suits, whose jacket and trousers are made of the same material. The collection combines clear cuts and exciting fabrics - mostly high-quality upholstery fabrics in combination with fine woollen fabrics and Indian decorative ribbons. The individual garments can be combined individually and worn in any material variation."


MENTOR Professor Dirk Wolfes



PHOTOGRAPHY Aurelien Longo
MODEL Elena Müller
LOCATION adidas HQ Herzogenaurach

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