Katja Meissner's Bachelorthesis K 0105 REDUCTION aims at the modern urban woman as well as the modern urban man and stands for a minimalist line.

The union of abstraction and minimalism embodies the way out of the media flood of images and the viewer's reflection on the essential.

In order to relax the observing eye, the translation of the reduction of form and colour is achieved by adhering to clear and timeless cutting techniques as basic wear as well as a considered monochrome choice of colours. In addition, hidden details in the form of embroidery and appliqués train the eye to look closely and the resulting concentrated attention.

The intersection of streetwear and tailoring is always taken into account when designing the collection.

Against the background of the current fast-paced and consumer-oriented society, the K 0105th REDUCTION line is intended to take on both deceleration and contemplation functions through its unobtrusiveness and combinability of the collection pieces with each other, and to support the sustainable consumer behaviour.

K0105 REDUKTION Katja Meissner

MENTOR Professor Bettina Maiburg



  • FOTOS Laura Schleder
  • MODEL Alisha Vogeler
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