A la Parisienne

Bachelor's graduate Fabienne Meyer dedicates her collection to the fashion metropolis of Paris and describes her subject matter even more explicitly in the following. "Paris - the city of love, the city of savoir-vivre, the city at the pulse of time - metropolis in the heart of Europe is the city of fashion like no other and "never goes out of fashion".

The non-colours black and white, always up-to-date, never dominant, form the basis for the inimitable style of the Parisienne. In addition to plain black and white colour areas, black and white stripes are the focus.
If one interprets stripes as lines and looks at the buildings, streets, parks, plans, one can clearly recognize them in the city's landmark or the plan of the Métro.

If one defines them as relationships between people, lines can be feelings, thoughts or even life paths.
Seen in this way, stripes do not remain just patterns, but tell their own story, which inspires us. In black and white they become simple yet meaningful, as the choice of stripes and lines adds a new look and versatility to simplicity.

Similar to the selection of a Parisienne, the individual pieces of the collection can be combined with each other, classic and sporty at the same time, the perfect wardrobe for the everyday life of a young, inimitable woman.
The collection gains its own identity through the variety of stripes, which, similar to the character of the Parisienne, captivates through diversity, but follows its own stringent line".

A LA PARISIENNE Fabienne Meyer

MENTOR Professor Jo Meurer



PHOTOGRAPHY Valentin Henning
MODELS Celia Fröhlich, Markus Schütz

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