a l l e i n z e i t

a l l e i n z e i t takes the viewer on a journey into his own consciousness, into the innermost self. 
Daydreams accompany us at every turn - in the waiting room at the doctor's, on long train rides, before falling asleep or even during a conversation.

In these moments we take mental time-outs from the here and now and drift off into another world. 
If you know how to perceive daydreams and how to deal with them, you come to terms with yourself, you get to know and love yourself better. Body and mind are in harmony and the inner voice becomes louder, contributes to decision-making, makes you stronger and happier.

a l l e i n z e i t  Hanna Fraune

MENTOR Professor Dirk Wolfes




MODELS  Meike Endres, Jil Sepeur, Anto Mvula

MAKE UP Manuela Preissl

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