Alumni meeting of the fashion design department in Trier

Betty Barclay, Aigner, Calvin Klein, WSGN, Salewa - since graduating, numerous graduates of Trier University's Fashion Design program have gone on to work internationally as successful designers in major fashion houses, as stylists and fashion editors, or they have founded their own labels. Their success stories began with a course of study in Trier. Reason enough for the organizer of the event, Prof. Dirk Wolfes, to invite the former students to a big reunion for the first time. Over 200 designers were welcomed to a large creative network meeting this weekend in the Fashion Design Department at Irminenfreihof.

The large alumni reunion, which celebrated its premiere in 2020, offered an extensive program over two days with lectures, reports on experiences, exhibitions and the opportunity for exchange. Young students in particular had the opportunity here to make valuable contacts with established companies and designers in a "family" setting and to learn from their experiences. A variety of specialist presentations by former students, such as "Fashion and Marketing - PR and Fashion Business in a global world" by London-based designer Paula Knorr, offered students interesting insights and valuable industry knowledge.

The Dean of the Design Campus Prof. Dr. Matthias Sieveke as well as Dr. Prof. Christina Threuter and organizer Prof. Dirk Wolfes from the Fashion Design Department kicked off the event by welcoming the numerous guests who traveled from all over for this weekend. "As students, take advantage of this valuable network, this unique family network," appealed Prof. Dr. Sieveke. Lord Mayor Wolfram Leibe also addressed the audience: "Trier has a nationwide, even Europe-wide charisma with this discipline". There has been a close connection between the fashion specialty and the city for many decades, which is also reflected in the large fashion shows, Leibe continued. He then visited the extensive exhibition, got into conversation with the students and was visibly impressed by the work on display.

Miranda Konstantinidou, founder and owner of the internationally renowned jewelry company KONPLOTT, is also strongly connected to the Campus Gestaltung as a former student of fashion design. As patron of the Alumnifest, she awarded a new sponsorship prize for young fashion designers from Trier, the "Miranda Konstantinidou - Junior Fashion Innovation Prize". From 26 exhibited graduation projects, she selected the three fashion collections that she considered the most innovative. The prizes went to Anette Görlich, Lea Kasper and Nadja Führinger.
Many of the exhibited works dealt with the topics of the hour: Sustainability and digitalization. "The fashion industry is undergoing a major upheaval right now," said Prof. Dirk Wolfes from the Fashion Design Department. "It's a highly complex profession that requires a lot of knowledge - from cutting to material science, communication and market understanding to production processes."

On Saturday evening, under the moderation of Prof. Christian Bruns from Trier University of Applied Sciences, the top-class panel discussed the topic "Developments in the fashion industry and future professional requirements". The audience was treated to a very lively and interesting discussion. The topics ranged from innovation processes in the course of advancing digitalization to the idea of sustainability in the fast-moving world of fashion and the necessary skills that a designer should have today. Here, above all, gaining experience through international internships was considered particularly valuable for future applicants.

Guests on the podium: Miranda Konstantinidou - Konplott. Manfred Wagner - Closed. Volker Ketteniß - WGSN. Sina Steidinger - Rosner. Julia Lipfert - Betty Barclay. Antje Selzer - Calvin Klein. Reinhard Brodel - Clockhouse C&A Lectures: Nastasja Preuß, Prof. Christian Bruns, Dennis Hinze, Christian Beck, Paula Knorr, Ralf Schmitt, Miranda Konstantinidou

Fashion Design in Trier - A course of study with almost 100 years of history and tradition
The Fashion Design major at Trier University of Applied Sciences is not only considered one of the most recognized in Germany, it is also the oldest fashion design institution still in existence, having been founded as a design class in 1922 at the State Crafts and Applied Arts School. In 2022, the fashion department, which currently has 221 students from 26 countries, will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Here, too, a major anniversary celebration is already being planned.



INITIATOR Prof. Dirk Wolfes


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